How much do you know about the dry cleaning industry?

How much do you know about the dry cleaning industry?

by Katie Ladas April 26, 2024

Top 10 Things you may or may not know about dry cleaning history

Written by Barry Victor, PROS Parts Founder and President

As many of you may know, my grandfather, father and uncle owned Vic Manufacturing Company, so even before I started my own business 37 year ago, I have been a part of the dry cleaning industry for basically my whole life. I recently stumbled upon a blog written by Helen Blockley from I Hate Ironing, with locations in and around London. I enjoyed reading it and learned tidbits I did not know about the history of dry cleaning. I thought it would be fun to share. Here are Blockley’s top ten things you may not know about dry cleaning history. Feel free to read the full blog.
    1. Dry cleaning is not a dry process
    2. Dry cleaning has a controversial history
    3. Dry cleaners are considered textile specialists
    4. Dry cleaners are experts in restoration and preservation
    5. Dry cleaners provide alterations and repairs
    6. Ladies’ garments costs slightly more
    7. It is important to keep the care label on your garments
    8. Customers of dry cleaners are covered by the Consumer Rights act
    9. Always let dry cleaners know what caused your stains so they can remove them properly
    10. Your dry cleaner is also skilled in providing ‘wet’ cleans
I’d love to hear your thoughts. As you read the article, if there are things you find interesting that are not in here, or where you have heard different history, let me know at BarryV@prosparts.com
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 About Barry Victor

Barry founded PROS Parts in the spring of 1988. Before starting PROS, Barry worked in the sales and engineering departments of Vic Manufacturing, one of the largest manufacturers of dry cleaning equipment in the U.S. At Vic, Barry launched a parts sales division that supported dry cleaning equipment imported from Italy and Germany. In its early years, PROS manufactured dry cleaning machinery and then evolved into an industrial and commercial laundry equipment and dry cleaning operations parts supplier. Barry lives in Plymouth, MN with his wife. He has two sons, a step son, a step daughter and his dog, Sora. 

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