Do you have a central air vacuum system? A Spotlight on Rema Dri-Vac Corporation

Do you have a central air vacuum system? A Spotlight on Rema Dri-Vac Corporation

by PROS June 28, 2023

Spotlight on Rema LLC

Written by Barry Victor, Founder of PROS Parts

Most dry cleaning plants in the US have a central air vacuum system which is piped to each of the pieces of finishing equipment.  With almost no exceptions, these vacuum systems are made by Rema Dri-Vac, a company that originated the central vacuum system for dry cleaning plants.

This month, Rema Dri-Vac, now operating as Rema LLC has new ownership.  Chris Flynn with over 20 years of experience is the third generation to run the successful company.  In operation since 1947, Rema is one of the oldest surviving machinery manufacturers in the U.S.  Along with the new ownership, Rema has moved into a new larger facility and is positioned to continue to deliver world-class equipment well into the future.  Rema also produces boiler return systems that capture the steam condensate and pump it back into the boiler in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Rema Dri-Vac Systems

Having a properly sized and operating central vacuum system can decrease the load on the boiler and reduce energy consumption while improving production and providing a superior finish to your garments.

At the heart of the Rema vacuum system is the proprietary turbine assembly.  Manufactured of cast and fabricated aluminum to resist corrosion from the high humidity air stream, this turbine is machined and assembled to very high tolerances to deliver the highest capacity possible from the energy input.

Turbine assemblies and size matched condenser tanks are available in a variety of sizes to suite plants with as few as one press to plants having 50 presses.  Most of the Dri-Vac models are vertically oriented to save valuable floor space and several of the larger models can be hung from the ceiling to conserve even more space.  Smaller units are available with single or three phase electric motors while larger horsepower units are all three phase.A typical plant with only one press can be serviced by the smallest RP-1 unit drawing only ½ horsepower of electricity and producing 68 cubic feet /minute (CFM) at 14” of water column vacuum.  As you increase the vacuum size and horsepower, the capacity in CFM and the vacuum in water column inches also increases.   The chart illustrates the specifications of each size.

The vacuum generated by the system is transferred to each press by relatively large diameter tubing so the full vacuum effect can reach the press.  The chart illustrates the nominal pipe size at the vacuum system. However, long runs with many turns might require an increase in the diameter of the tube to maintain full capacity of the vacuum system.

Rema Boiler Return Systems

A properly sized boiler return system can help reduce energy costs, extend boiler life and reduce downtime due to boiler malfunction.

Rema manufactures a full line of boiler return systems to meet virtually any requirement.  The tank replacements they manufacture are available in sizes to suit boilers from 1 to 200 HP. Configurations include just the basic tank or options can be added to the tank like, the stand, level controls, level gauges and full systems including pumps and piping. Shown below are the complete vertical and horizontal return systems which include the tank, stand, sight glass level control, pump and all piping.

Tanks are also available in a variety of materials such as 14 GA, 11 GA and 3/16” steel as well as stainless steel.  Since these tanks operate in a very corrosive environment, heavier steel will give the tank a longer life expectancy and the stainless steel option will increase the life span dramatically but of course with extra cost.  As with most equipment, proper maintenance of the boiler return system can extend the life of these components.

PROS Parts is here for you and your Rema Dri-Vac air vacuum system needs. Visit our website for more information or you can always contact us directly.

About Barry Victor

Barry founded PROS Parts in the spring of 1988. Before starting PROS, Barry worked in the sales and engineering departments of Vic Manufacturing, one of the largest manufacturers of dry cleaning equipment in the U.S. At Vic, Barry launched a parts sales division that supported dry cleaning equipment imported from Italy and Germany. In its early years, PROS manufactured dry cleaning machinery and then evolved into an industrial and commercial laundry equipment and dry cleaning operations parts supplier. Barry lives in Eden Prairie, MN with his wife. He has two sons, a step son, a step daughter and his dog, Sora. 

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